Our Story

Bumpy exists to make fertility journeys a bit easier.

We believe that everyone deserves access to support and guidance.


Our mission is to help people who are navigating their fertility journeys choose the right fertility provider based on their personal experience and background, enable them to confidently share experiences and give them support from experts and people in similar situations.

Our Story

Bumpy is powered by two strong women – Elin and Andrea.

Between us, we have undertaken about 20 IVF treatments, taken over 600 hormonal injections, countless scans, blood tests, experienced 12 miscarriages including 1 ectopic pregnancy and even undergone a pioneering uterus transplantation. Our partners have made more than 10 visits to awkward “sperm sample” rooms. And after more than 10 years of treatments and heartache only one of us has recently succeeded. This is what inspired us to start Bumpy.

We still live in a society that designates value to people by their reproductive capabilities and infertility is a highly stigmatised, sensitive and personal topic. Going through infertility can be extremely isolating and take its physical, financial and mental toll and people are left on their own to do research about treatments, clinics and find support.

Creating a safe digital space where people can receive guidance and support and also feel empowered on their journeys to parenthood is what drives Bumpy. We want to help people make data-driven choices when choosing a fertility clinic and connect them to others who understand the feelings, processes and experiences that the fertility journey brings and make them see that they are not alone.

We are in this together!